Visual Designer & Art Director

Role: Art Direction, Visual Design

Arte Core
Art Core is one of the most important street art festivals of the city. Besides street art, they also promotes skateboarding tournaments. To promote the event in a smart way and with a really small budget, we created the Skate Sticker. We placed them on the sinks of several bars around the city.

Agency: Macro, Copy: Mark Wynkler



Tame ITArt Direction

Next by CitiUI/UX - Visual Design

LionessArt Direction - Visual Design

AstronautArt Direction

HPE - ManifestoArt Direction

Russell WestbrookUI/UX, Visual Design

HPE GreenLakeArt Direction, Visual Design

Spider Life ShowArt Direction, UI/UX, Visual Design

CanisBranding, Visual Design

Skate StickerArt Direction, Visual Design


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